How to Center a Shocked Piece ----------------------------- To center a shocked piece, there are some caveats to be aware of when authoring. You also need to use the HTML
tag... - If you are using the "window=inPlace" argument in your tag, do not select "Center on Screen" in the Modify/File/Properties dialog in Authorware. - Do not use the MoveWindow() or ResizeWind() functions in your Authorware program. - Be sure that the window height and width of your Authorware program match the values used in the tag. You may find that setting the Size parameter (using Modify/File/Properties) to "Variable" assists you in adjusting the presentation window size. - Do not select the "use title bar" setting in Modify/File/ Properties if your tag includes the "inPlace" argument. - If your shocked piece jumps from one file to another, be sure that all of the files have the same settings for Size, Menu Bar, Title Bar, and Overlay Bar so that misalignment between files does not occur. - Use the
tag to center your piece: Concentrate